Acclimatization and Altitude

Acclimatization and Altitude

Kilimanjaro Altitude climbers descending from the summit

Understanding tips that can minimize the effects of altitude.

Most trekkers will feel the effect of altitude in some way. How physically fit you are, or how well you trained for your trek will not factor into whether or not you experience some symptoms of altitude.

Choose a Route That Is Good For Acclimatization

Barking Zebra uses routes that are designed with acclimatization in mind. The acclimatization for climbing Kilimanjaro should be your number one concern. The longer the route the higher chance of reaching the summit, and you’ll enjoy the Kilimanjaro experience so much more.

Altitude Medication

Diamox (generic name acetazolamide) is F.D.A. approved drug for the prevention and treatment of Acute mountain sickness (AMS).
Our doctor recommend 125 mg morning and 125 mg late afternoon. Always consult your doctor if Diamox is compatible with the current medicines you take and with the proper dosage.

We recommend taking Diamox for 2-3 days 2 weeks before departure to test whether you experience any side effects.


You will want to consume 3-4 liters of water a day. Barking Zebra provides as much water as you want.


Allow your body to acclimate by walking slow. Take your time and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Your trek is not a competition.


You will need your energy to make it to the summit. Your menu has been specifically designed with this in mind.

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