Private Climbs

Private Climbs

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At Barking Zebra, we match you with the best Kilimanjaro climb for your needs.

Your requests. Your likes. Your schedule. Just tell us yours and we’ll plan the climb that best suits your style.

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Your Own Private Group

Climb the Mountain – Your Way
A private Kilimanjaro climb offers the most flexibility and personalization – leave when you want, on the route you want, with the people you want – to share this transformative time on the mountain.

One of our most popular climbs are a small group of friends, colleagues or loved ones. There’s nothing like climbing with a close group to share this once-in-a- lifetime adventure.

Do you have any special requests for your climb? Do you have concerns that are unique to your group such as climbers with special needs or young children? Just let us know.

For any special milestone – birthday, anniversary or reunion, a private climb is the perfect way to celebrate these intimate life events.

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Climb Kilimanjaro for Charity

Achieve Your Best While Making a Difference
You are proud of your goals. Whether you’re challenging yourself to physical or idealistic heights.

A Kilimanjaro climb is tough. But raising money for your favorite cause is no walk in the park either. Combine the two to inspire yourself up the hill and to inspire others to give to your special charity. A Kilimanjaro charity climb will shine a light on your personal efforts and your desire to raise funds for a worthy purpose.

We at Barking Zebra applaud your dedication to doing your physical best and doing your best for others. And we can help. We’ll help to organize the many aspects of your charity climb – the logistics of the trip, what route to choose and how to prepare.

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"Barking Zebra's staff did a great job on this climb, from the guides to the chefs and porters. Summiting Kilimanjaro during a lunar eclipse was a definite awesome plus. I am happy to recommend Barking Zebra to anyone ready to scale the mountain."

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