Food and Dining

Food and Dining

Best food on Mount Kilimanjaro breakfast in mess tent

Nutritious and Delicious Food

Food fuels the body. Fuel is definitely needed when trekking up 19,341 feet. This is why we take every measure to ensure your body has the proper nutrition to help guarantee a successful climb.

Best food on Mount Kilimanjaro fired chicken lunch

The Right Food

Keep in mind that eating at an altitude requires a special diet, with a proper balance of complex carbohydrates, protein, and fat that aids in providing the right amount (and kind) of energy.
We have designed your meals with the right nutritionists to help ensure your body gets these meals…three times a day!

Best food on Mount Kilimanjaro lunch at Lava Tower

The Freshest Food

We also take the effort to ensure your meals and your crew meals are not only nutritious but fresh. Our people (remember, no middle man) will re-supply climbing teams with fresh foods during their Kilimanjaro climb.
The fruits and vegetables you'll savor during your climb come from nearby local farms.
We easily cater to many dietary requests, including vegetarians, gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan food allergies with advance notice.

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