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We couldn’t make it to the top without the best Kilimanjaro guides and crew.

They are the brains, muscle and expertise that ensures your climb is safe and successful. Think of your expedition as a coordinated ballet of guides, porters and cooks, each performing their tasks seamlessly, working to meet your needs as together we all move up the mountain.

the best Kilimanjaro guides training with the portable altitude chamber on Mount Kilimanjaro


All Barking Zebra guides must have extensive mountain experience and are certified Wilderness First Responders.

Our guides must then serve as assistant guides for several more years before they can assume the responsibility of being one of our leads.

  • Our guides have 100 – 200 or more Mount Kilimanjaro summits.
  • They’ve earned their experience, possessing leadership skills which inspire confidence in our climbers.
  • Expertly trained to recognize signs of altitude sickness or injuries.
  • Trained for high-altitude medical evacuations.
  • Fluent in English and Swahili.
Barking Zebra chef serving delicious for on Mount Kilimanjaro


Who asks for recipes at 19,000 feet? Our guests do. That’s how delicious they find our Spanish paella, fajitas and other gourmet fare we serve.

Our chefs are well-trained to cook fresh and nutritious meals throughout your trek. The meals are planned for the right balance of protein, carbohydrate, and nutrients to support your climb.

We mentioned fresh food, right? But how do you keep things fresh on a 7 or 8 day mountain expedition?

The solution – we resupply our chefs with fresh ingredients halfway during the trek!

The best Kilimanjaro guides and crew at Moir camp
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